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fucking Trash
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Here have some stamps -3-

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Baymax Fan. by Leteve Lilo and Stitch by SmearingSin Anti-Creepypasta X OC stamp by BewitchingBard
Anti Stitch! Anime Stamp by Jojo-Izumi I Don't Do Chain Messages Stamp by Jojo-Izumi It's just a fucking horror game. by wingedoracle
Goths and Metalheads do NOT worship the Devil by Jojo-Izumi #firstworldproblems by BaconMagic Gravity Falls: Mabel Stamp by SacredLugia
MLP Stamp by Toonfreak MLP:FiM Stamp - Foreshadowing by KanraTC Gravity Falls Soos Stamp by SolarFluffy
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:iconcautionplz: I'm highly opinionated
:iconcautionplz: I honestly hate art theives and people who edit movie screenshots. I don't typically dislike them as a person, but I hate what they do. I hate art theft and trolling of ANY kind, and I'm quick to report it, so be very careful if you visit my page or watch me -3-

:iconcautionplz: I have a strong opinion toward Mary Sue characters and especially self inserts. Shipping is pretty annoying but I DESPISE self inserts =_=

Basic info:
I'm 15, in 10th grade. I will be a junior as of September first.
I am female. Don't worry, I don't have any special pronouns that apply to me, and if I did I wouldn't mind if you got it wrong.
As far as I know right now, I'm straight. I don't know why I need to say that :/
Born and raised in the US. I've never been to any other country yet besides the boarders of Canada and Mexico. I live in Detroit, Michigan, so going up to Canada is pretty common and easy for me -3-.
I love Gravity falls and steven universe so friggen much.
The only "fandoms" I'm into are Lion King and somewhat of MLP. And though I do kinda like Creepypasta (in fact I'm being Jeff the killer for halloween XD) I hate the fandom so much. Like, it friggen burns, stupid fangirls.

Fun facts:
I've never kissed anyone.
I've only worn a dress once in my life, to homecoming and I wore shorts underneath.
I don't any "girly" clothes.
I started drawing for real when I was in fifth grade, though I started to show some promise around third or fourth.
I created my first OC (Ivory) in 6th grade, and I have never changed her color scheme.
I still collect figurines and toys, I display them on my beautiful shelf.
I'm allowed to paint on my walls.
I have a phobia of the dark and terible phobias of worms and frogs and spiders. Any kind of gross insect or creepy crawler really.Larger Blinking Text Cursor by neripixu

Weapons of choice -u-
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I'm taking point commissions now!! They're starting out cheap, so take advantage of this while it lasts -3-
Animated Color Bullets  Ask in my comments if I will take your commission.
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Animated Color Bullets  To pay, transfer points to me (If you don't know how, click on the "give" option, it has the blue present box symbol. Click "Give points" and enter the price of your commish)
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-Fetish art
-Canon x OC
(Note that this does not m

Atomic Muffins by MentalFloss
Robbie pls
Don't put muffins on my page
(Art by mentalfloss)
Okay.. First off, I REALLY don't mean this to offend ANY fnaf fan that I happen to know or not know. And second, I don't HATE the game, or HATE any of the characters. I just don't like how I had to find out about it, or what it is fandom-wise.

I've never actually played the game. Or any of the games. I've watched one or two playthroughs of fnaf 4 by Markipliar, and I actually watched my friends Sierra and Brendan play the first game. It was a neat game, the idea of animatronics scaring the living shit out of you as a night guard was pretty amusing. I was just never interested enough or willing to spend any money to play myself.
Well... After about a year (this game came out when I was just starting as a freshman, last year) I saw the game started to trend... Maybe a little too much. In fact, SO much that it was being pushed in my face in the most obnoxious way. In fact, I'm not even talking about the popular fan art, I'm talking about the BULLSHIT SHIPPING AND READER INSERTS!!! Seriously, WHEN AND HOW did this start?! I was legitimately confused, and then.... It hit me. It's creepypasta fandom aAAALL over again. The shipping, the fanfictions  and reader inserts, the shitty ass OC's, and even, not even kidding you, 12 YEAR OLD GIRLS ASKING CHUCKIE CHEESE ANIMATRONICS IF THEY KNOW THE ONES FROM FNAF.
here's a link
It's legitimate cringe worthy material. Although the Creepypasta fandom and Fnaf fandom share a lot of the same qualities, the only difference is that creepypasta URGES people to believe their bullshit stories (in an effort to scare), while fnaf being a video game series is as well entirely fictional, and intended to be fiction right from the get go.
Also, what not only scares but annoys me, is the fact that girls (well guys do this too, but it's more common among girls) are IN LOVE with animal themed robotics that are possessed by the spirits of dead children, and are stuffed with their corpses. How... How can anyone in their right mind find that attractive? Honestly? I'm not even directing this at furries, either. It's just... A weird thing to be attracted to, when you don't have a strange kink for it. The "writers" of these fanfictions give the animatronics real feelings and human emotions!! It's not natural, first off, and just... WEIRD.
Aside from that, though this is weirder than falling in love with Purple Guy or "Vincent" (oh my fucking god that isn't his name that's just what you people wanted to call him) or Jeremy/Mike (whoever they are ??), the fact that girls fall in live with this:…
Who straight up killed children and did god knows what with them, for no reason. They keep saying "ooh he didnt mean it" or "stahp with the vincent hate!!11" (it's not "hate", he's a psycho of sorts and should be seen as such, we don't HATE him, he's just a psycho. We don't love psychotic behavior)
That's legit scary. What's more confusing is that how can you fall in love with that, which has no physical features whatsoever, and the security guards, whom we've never seen/know little to nothing about?

On side note, I can understand why people would like to draw the animatronics in cute or chibi, because it's kind of like the potential advertising for the restaurant in not knowing it was haunted. I've seen some really good works for these:……
Even though the second one doesn't fit as much, it's still cute, by a good artist, and just a throw-around idea like "what if they were anthro/neko/something Japanese"
Now, the first one, however, fits the intent of the game PERFECTLY. The style matches filmmaker Don Bluthe's style of art and story, I could DEFINITELY see Fnaf as a Don Bluthe film.

But, all in all, the Fnaf fandom has officially turned me off to any game or  anything related. Just like creepypasta, only most creepypasta was shit to begin with. I can't believe this is a thing... I really can't...



I think that's the point, it is called a shout box after all. Shout! :V
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All this box has been used for is literal shouting :'D
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How does one make a box of shouting useful?
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